How to Make an Easter Tree

With Easter holidays coming up, we’re looking at creative ways of getting the family away from the screen and in to the green! Our author, Hattie Garlick, has come up with hundreds of ideas in her book, Born to be Wild. Given the season, we’re sharing her tips on ‘how to make an Easter tree’. And it goes, roughly and messily, like this:

Easter tree image

  1. Go out, and hunt down some fallen sticks and twigs.
  2. Put the sticks and twigs in a vase or empty jar at home to make the basis of
    your tree and hang decorations from.
  3. Sprigs found intact can be added to the vase whole, sticks can be painted in
    bright colours.
  4. Next, hunt for blossom.
  5. Remove petals from any blossom that’s been bashed about.
  6. Glue the petals to paper shapes (stars, or whatever shapes you fancy).
    Some of the shapes can then be painted, beautifully or otherwise.
  7. Thread a needle and pierce each shape near the top, drawing the thread
  8. Tie each thread into a loop, so the decorations can be hung
  9. Hang the decorations on your twig tree
  10. Have a piece of cake

Toddlers: When little ones are involved the paper can be precut into easy, nonfiddly
shapes, and the blossom applied with an abstract abandon (think Jackson
Pollock in petals).

Older children can get more ambitious. They could cut the paper into the shape
of a chick, for instance, and try recreating the texture of feathers with the petals,
or cut the paper into a basic rectabgle and use petals of different shades to create the contours and colours of the image itself

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