María del Mar Delgado

DSC_0382 600


María del Mar Delgado is a Spanish biologist and field researcher, based at the Metapopulation Research Group lab at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her current research focuses on how dispersal of young after fledging influences the demography and evolution of populations, and also which factors determine how individual juveniles make their dispersal decisions.

Much of her research has involved the Eurasian Eagle Owl Bubo bubo, often in tandem with Vincenzo Penteriani, and María is co-author (with Vincenzo) of our Poyser monograph on this mighty bird.

The Eagle Owl will be published by Bloomsbury in Autumn 2014.

Vincenzo and María, with an adult Eagle Owl, a chick, and their owl-finding dog.

María with an angry mist-netted Eagle Owl.

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