Marianne Taylor

Marianne TaylorMarianne Taylor is an author, illustrator and photographer, based in the wilds of rural Kent. Her interest in natural history began (according to her parents) from an extremely early age, although she doesn’t remember how disappointed her three-year-old self was at the lack of dinosaurs roaming the English countryside. As her expectations grew more realistic she became passionately interested in first butterflies and then birds, and, as the child of two librarians, she was as bookish as she was bird-obsessed.

A couple of decades later, these factors helped her land her first job in publishing, as editorial assistant here on the Christopher Helm list. She worked in publishing for a number of years before deciding in 2007 to become a full-time author. Since then, Marianne has written more than a dozen books for adults and children on a range of natural history subjects. Her latest book was published by Bloomsbury just a few months ago; Dragonflight is the tale of Marianne’s quest to see all of Britain’s native dragonflies.

You can keep up to speed on Marianne’s natural history writing and photography by following her brilliant blog, The Wild Side. She also tweets as @wildsidemazza.



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One Comment on “Marianne Taylor

  1. Hello! i was so excited to see a nature book by Marianne Taylor…. because that is me! Well, it was! I was born Marianne Taylor but am now married -Marianne Bailey-Wickham.
    I was brought up in London during the 1950s and spent oh so many wonderful days exploring the wilds of Wimbledon Common. I moved to Maidstone, Kent and lived there for over thirty years but now live in the far west of Cornwall amongst herring gulls, jackdaws and dolphins!
    I have also written two books but not about nature. Look for books by Marianne Bailey-Wickham. We have so much in common I just had to get in touch! Thank you so much for your lovely nature books.

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