Rebecca Wragg Sykes


Rebecca Wragg Sykes is an ice-age archaeologist, who aims to share the excitement, fascination and complexity of researching everyone’s favourite hominins, the Neanderthals. Rebecca is currently based at the PACEA laboratory at the Université Bordeaux, where she works on the TRACETERRE project, researching Neanderthal landscapes and territories by looking at the technology and transport of stone tools from open-air sites in the Massif Central region of south-east France.

You can read more about Rebecca’s exciting field work and ruminations on hominins, megafauna, stone tools and other fun palaeo-stuff on her blog,  The Rocks Remain; you can also follow her on Twitter at @LeMoustier, and Rebecca is also a key contributor to the brilliant Trowelblazers website, celebrating women archaeologists, palaeontologists and geologists through the ages.

Rebecca’s first book, Dawn Chorus in Eden, is the story of humanity’s relationship with birds from the very earliest times. Dawn Chorus in Eden will be published by Bloomsbury in 2015.

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