Bloomsbury Wildlife Team

Bloomsbury Natural History is the world’s leading publisher of wildlife books. Our imprints include Christopher Helm, T & AD Poyser, British Wildlife Publishing, British Wildlife Collections and A&C Black, in addition to natural history books published under the Bloomsbury imprint. We also publish a number of books for the RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts.

Our blog is a pot-pourri of author reportage, interesting photographic challenges, bookish discussion, birdsome mitherings, and generally things that have amazed, amused or entertained us.


Our crack editorial team includes

Jim Martin – wandering zoologist, ID-impaired birder, arch-waffler, popular-science panjandrum (jim.martin at Jim tweets as @chiffchat

Julie Bailey – Lover of films, editor of books, harvester of music, idiothole (

Alice Ward – master of bird-song, former bird-racer, digital guru (

Jane Lawes – ballet dancer, gym star, writer extraordinaire (

Victoria Beddow – Intrepid Traveler, crafter, foodie and marketing genius, popular (

For press enquiries, please contact

Jamie Criswell – publicist to the stars (jamie.criswell at

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