The Bloomsbury Wildlife team share their favourite nature books

For hundreds of years, writers have been capturing the wonder of the natural world in poetry and prose, and exploring our changing relationship with nature. Throughout November, the Arts & Humanities Research Council have teamed up with research project Land Lines to track down the UK’s favourite book about nature. As committed nature book-lovers we couldn’t shy away from this challenge! We’ve asked the Bloomsbury Wildlife team to tell us their ultimate favourites.

Get Picking this Autumn

Autumn is upon is – and although it means saying goodbye to those balmy summer nights, it does mean we can turn our minds to something else: mushrooms. Time to get off the hammock, and in to the woods for some foraging. Wild mushrooms are abundant in Britain and Ireland. They flourish in the warm, wet month of September and can continue right through the autumn. And whether it’s dinner you’re after, or simply a new unknown species, there is a whole other world to be discovered scrambling around on the forest… Read More

Of boids and buttercream

And lo, it came to pass that Extinct Boids was published, free to run and squawk in a bookshop near you….

Boids on the Beeb

An exciting day today. I was lucky enough to have the chance to head to Broadcasting House – to the BBC! Where Ralph and Ceri were bring interviewed for Radio 4’s flagship art and literature show, Front Row. I was caste in the role of Ceri’s ‘people’ … more than happy to play along. The discussion revolved around our brilliant book Extinct Boids, which is on sale from next Thursday. The lads were interviewed by the wonderful Kirsty Lang, who marshalled the mayhem during 40 minutes of anecdotage, birdy talk, boidy talk and a… Read More

Signing shenanigans

Yesterday, we had some visitors to Bloomsbury Towers, in the form of Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy …

The Garden List

This week, Nigel tells a tale of birding derring-do from the darkest corner of remote East Sussex …

The Great Piddle Riddle

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with world-renowned cartoonist, caricaturist and friend of the extinct bird, Ralph Steadman.

Beguiled by lice

And so at last, the great day has arrived – the publication of the epic Little Book of Nits …

No pane, no gain

This week’s blog is by the newest member of Team Helm, Jasmine, with a ghostly tale of things that go bump in the night …

Help for hogs

This week a blog entry from keen gardener Adrian Downie – there’s something shuffling in the undergrowth …